Priedėlis originaliam automobilio Ford grotuvui (Ford 6000CD RDS EON) su Bluetooth funkcijomis

Daugelis automobilių turi neblogus originalius grotuvus, kurie dažnai net būna susieti su kitomis sistemomis. Retas iš mūsų važinėjasi su apynauju automobilių, tad nors ir originalūs grotuvai veikia puikiai, tačiau morališkai jie jau būna pasenę. Dažnai juk norisi groti muziką iš telefono, laisvų rankų įrangos be jokių laidų. Visas šias galimybes suteikia Bluetooth ryšys.

Nusprendžiau suprojektuoti ir pagaminti originalaus Ford grotuvo priedėlį, veikiantį kaip CD keitiklio emuliatorius. Per keletą mėnesių pavyko pasiekti tikslą.

Sukurtas grotuvo priedėlis jungiasi į gamyklinio grotuvo CD keitiklio jungtį ir imituoja CD keitiklio darbą. Priedėlis be jokių modifikacijų suderinamas su gamykliniu Ford grotuvu Ford 6000CD RDS EON. Šis priedėlis turėtų veikti ir su kitais maždaug 1994 – 2004 metų Ford grotuvų modeliais, suderinamais su CD keitikliu (angl. CD changer compatible). Priedėlis gali būti valdomas (dainų perjungimas, pravarymas, skambučio valdymas, režimų keitimas) per originalų grotuvą ar vairo konsolę. Pagrindinė informacija (režimas ir kita) atvaizduojama taip pat originalaus grotuvo ekrane.

Panaudojau mikrovaldiklį AVR Atmega162. Šį mikrovaldiklį pasirinkau, nes buvo reikalingi du UART prievadai. Vienas UART prievadas buvo panaudotas bendravimui su Ford grotuvu ACP protokolu, o kitas UART prievadas panaudotas bendravimui su Bluetooth moduliu.

Žemiau pateikiau, kaip atrodo suprojektuota ir surinkta paskutinės (ketvirtoji) spausdintinės plokštės “Ford udio v2.0” versija, kurios matmenys labai kompaktiški (5 cm x 5 cm).

Bluetooth funkcijų realizavimui panaudojau anksčiau aprašytą BT BLK-MD-SPK-B modulį. Šis modulis valdomas AT komandomis.

Ford ACP yra tinklo protokolas naudojamas grotuvo komunikacijai su kitais įrenginiais. Šio protokolo fizinis lygmuo yra RS485, kurio duomenys perduodami 9600 bps greičiu po 9 bitus, be lyginumo bito bei naudojant 1 stop bitą (9600 9N1).


Įrenginys veikia puikiai ir leidžia naudotis originaliu grotuvų su išplėstu funkcionalumu.

Turėtų tikti šiems grotuvams:

  • 4050RDS
  • 4500
  • 4600RDS
  • 5000RDS
  • 5000RDS EON
  • 6000CD RDS
  • 6000 MP3
  • 7000RDS

Pabaigai, trumpas aprašymas anglų kalba.

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54 thoughts on “Priedėlis originaliam automobilio Ford grotuvui (Ford 6000CD RDS EON) su Bluetooth funkcijomis

  1. Hi mate!

    Do you sell those things also? That piece would make my mondeo just great because i really like the original stereo but the fact that it only supports CDs and radio makes me feel about it like i´m back in my early childhood(which is kinda cool for feeling somewhat nostalgic but seriously uncool for the fact that i´m not ablo to enjoy my music whenever i want) :p

      • Would be great. Alternatively i could try making my own since plugging in an iron and soldering stuff up isn’t something too far and unreachable for me too(i’ve worked bit as am electronics NPI process specialist). However i can’t figure out how to get the PCB printed. Have you ordered it somewhere or do you have some equipment for that?:)

        • PCB was made at home using photolithography technology.

          Yet I am reluctant to publicize the project details like schematic, PCB, firmware. If you want to have this device now, purchase manufactured device, ready to use solution from me.

          Maybe in the future all the information will be provided and you will be able to make it yourself 🙂

          • Alright, it would be more convenient for me too. Let’s talk about prices then !lol

          • I think that 100 euros price for ready to use device would to be a reasonable price.

            The device would be mounted in a plastic case.

            Device installation is simple: you just need to connect to the CD changer connector at the end of head unit. This is all you need to do. Then the device can be used as it was demonstrated in the video.

            Of course, head unit must be marked “CD Changer compatible”.

  2. Hello Dovydas. Don’t you know: is Ford ACP used in 2007 RDS player compatible with one in 6000 RDS EON? I just bought Yatour MP3 changer emulator, but pinout on my 2007 RDS is different. Would it work, if I resolder ACP and audio I/O pins?

  3. Hello

    I have great interest in buying your Ford Bluetooth solution. Do you still sell devices?

    I have some questions to your device:

    1. Do you use all 11 wires of original Ford CD changer connector? Most other Interfaces like Yatour/XCarlink don’t use all wires. For example they don’t use “Audio Shield” and “AKP/ACP Shield”. And they combine left and right audio together in one wire. All this wirings one these interfaces cause to catastrophic audio quality, especially when a device like a 12V USB Adapter is connected to the car…. My question is, do you use all 11 wires including Shield cables for your Interface? Is your cable properly shielded?

    2. Will your Interface work with older Nokia Smartphones with Symbian OS? I have an old Nokia N97 Mini “Smartphone”. Audio Quality with common Bluetooth Interfaces is very poor…

    Greet from Germany


    • Hi, Tomcatciller.

      I feed differential audio signal from my device to Head unit by using twisted pair for each audio channel separately. For ACP bus differential signaling is also used. As you know, differential signaling improves resistance to electromagnetic noise compared with use of only one wire and an unpaired reference (ground). Currently, I didn’t use shields for each twisted pairs, but for short distances (up to 2 meters) it is optional. Whole cable has shield and I think that it is enough.

      Device was tested in different Ford cars with gasoline, diesel engines, with additional electrical equipment (e.g. 12V USB Adapter) in different conditions and no noise from car electric system was observed.

      I had not tested this device with older Nokia phones. Until now I did not encounter any problems using devices with Bluetooth (smart phones, tablets). If your Nokia phone works with other similar devices I think that in this case it also should work.

      • Hello

        Hm, this sounds very nice. At the moment I am trying to get a Yatour and a XCarlink Interface to work with my Ford Radio. If I dont manage to bring them to work (wirh good audio quality) I am interested in buying one of your Bluetooth solutions. Do you still sell them?

        Greetings form Germany


        • If you will decide to buy this device – write an email and I think we will find a solution.

  4. Hi, do you still have some devices left over? or your development notes?
    I understand that this is almost necromancy, but your project fits my needs perfectly as i still have all the Atmel stuff lying around and i had to switch cars due to a broken transmission, and now there’s not enough money left for an aftermarket solution:(

    Anyway, i’d be interested in a complete unit or diy-kit, or, if you decide to do so, the release of your project documentation. Thanks!

  5. Sveiki.
    Esu Brazilijos. Noriu pirkti šį prietaisą. Aš savo MD 4500, o iš to, ką aš mačiau Šis prietaisas atitinka mano lūkesčius.
    Arba siųsti man laišką su žingsnis po žingsnio, kaip važiuoti vieną, prašau.

  6. Hi!
    Is it possible to get from you a print layout of PCB and all other stuff? I want to build one device for me.

  7. Hi Dovydas,
    I am also very interested by this product and would be ready to buy one.
    Keep me informed!
    Many thanks,

  8. Hello.
    I was searching the internet to find some kind of bluetooth adapter for the radio in Ford Focus mk1 and came across your device from probably 2014. I liked your project very much and I wonder if you still have it on sale ?

    Best Regards .

    • Hello.
      A new batch of these devices can be produced from about September if there is sufficient interest. Write me an e-mail for more information.

  9. Hello Dovydas
    I wanna like have some model of your “Ford Audio” Device. It is possible to buy by you? I have a Jaguar S-Type C200 with a Ford compatible Radio with ACP Commands.

    nice work


    • Hello.
      A new batch of these devices can be produced from about September if there is sufficient interest. Write me an e-mail for more information.

      I’m not sure if it will really work in a Jaguar car.

  10. Hi Dovydas, this is David from the Czech Republic. I am also interested in your product. Please provide more information by e-mail. Thank you

  11. Hi Dovydas, this is Xiangzhou in Germany.
    I am also interested in your device. Please send me more information by e-mail. Thank you very much.

  12. Hello Dovydas,
    can i buy 2pcs CD changer emulator? Greetings from Czech republic.

  13. Hello Dovydas
    What a wonderfull gadget is that one stilll available for sell?
    what price

  14. Hi im very interested in this unit, i have the 5000 rds eon head unit cd changer compatible, i have put my email where required many thanks

  15. Hello, I’m interested in the device. Is it pin-to-pin compatible with CDR4600 radio? Thanks

  16. Guten Tag,
    Ich interessiere mich für das Gerät für Ford Galaxy Bj 2004 Erstzulassung 2005 .
    Ich mir mir Mühe gegeben um Internet zu finden aber passen doch nicht.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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